(Updated 10/18/23)

COVID-19 vaccinations are the best way to prevent severe symptoms in you and your family.

The CDC recommends all children 6 months of age and older get vaccinated. An updated vaccine for the 2023-2024 season is recommended for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should young children be vaccinated? 

Children under 5 have had the highest hospitalization rate among children who have been infected with COVID. As we have seen with the older kids, vaccination reduces the risk of severe infection, hospitalization, and complications such as MIS-C (Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children). 

Should a child who has already had COVID get the COVID vaccine? 

Yes. Immune protection from infection may not be long-lasting and reinfection can occur.  

How long should my child wait after having COVID before getting a COVID vaccine? 

We recommend waiting at least a month to make sure the infection has resolved, and no complications arise. Since there is likely to be some short-term immunity, it is ok to wait 3 months before getting vaccinated. 

Where can I get my child vaccinated? 

Blue Fish Pediatrics will carry the updated Moderna vaccine and we will be offering vaccination to children aged 6 months to 5 years. Please call our office if you would like to schedule a time to have your child vaccinated.

WashU/BJC has vaccination sites for children. Locations include the Children’s Specialty Care Centers in both West County and South County: BJC COVID vaccines

Walgreens vaccinates children 3 and over: walgreens.com

CVS vaccinates children 18 months and older at their MinuteClinics: cvs.com

Information for other vaccination sites can be found at: vaccines.gov

Below are links to address some common questions regarding COVID-19 vaccines: