New Patients

Please call the office at 314-966-8500 to inquire about becoming a new patient.

For expectant parents, we offer times to meet the doctors and learn about our practice ahead of your baby’s arrival. Please call us to schedule a Meet and Greet appointment.

Well Visit and Vaccine Schedule

1 month: Exam4 years: Exam, vision and hearing screen
2 months: Exam, Vaxelis, Prevnar, Rotavirus5 years: Exam, DTaP/Polio, MMRV
4 months: Exam, Vaxelis, Prevnar, Rotavirus6-9 years: Exam yearly, vision screen
6 months: Exam, Vaxelis, Prevnar, Rotavirus10 years: Exam, lipid panel
9 months: Exam, developmental screen11 years: Exam, Tdap, HPV, meningococcal A/C/W/Y
12 months: Exam, HepA, MMR, Prevnar12 years: Exam, HPV, sports/depression screen
15 months: Exam, Hib, Varivax13-15 years: Exam yearly, sports/depression screen
18 months: Exam, DTaP, HepA, autism screen16 years: Exam, meningococcal A/C/W/Y & B, sports/depression screen
2 years: Exam, autism and vision screens17 years: Exam, meningococcal B, sports/depression screen
2.5 years: Exam, developmental screen18 years: Exam, lipid panel, sports/depression screen
3 years: Exam, BP, vision screen